State Forestry

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Wed Dec 31 10:59:21 EST 1997

Jostnix wrote:

> You just never cease to amaze me.  You are either in a northeast vacuum or you
> are soapboxing on a subject that has become an obsession which is slowly
> undermining your credibility.  You are extremely intelligent and should stick
> to those subjects that highlight that intellect.

You're on your soapbox to pump up your ego in Alabama and I'm on my
soapbox for my reasons. Often, a few weeks will go by and I stay off the
soapbox, but then then sooner or later I'll see you give a jab at me
while you respond to someone else. If you didn't do that I'd probably
stay off the soapbox, but when I see that I'll climb right back on.

> I am very tempted, at times, to lump all consultants into one package and make
> outrageous statements as you do state foresters.  However, I have to maintain
> some credibility with a broad section of the forestry community.  Most people
> know that life is neither black nor white - but very much shades of gray.

No kidding. Talk about arrogance, you have your fair share- typical of
burrocrats. Go out and work in the real world for awhile; where your
great creativity will be greatly rewarded.

If you don't like what I write, then keep your trap shut. If you respond
with your own brand of arrogance, you'll just keep me talking.

> Therefore:
> STUFF your stupid consultant arrogance and take a big harry hike!
> Still love you big guy....

Well, in your own personal forestry bulletin board, you'll have control.
Here, you have no control.

If every state forester in America was fired this instant, the grand
effect on forestry in America would be a GREAT IMPROVEMENT. So stuff
that one.

Hey, I like to argue, so keep it going if you like.

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