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Wed Dec 31 22:59:21 EST 1997

Ok, Steve and Joe, knock this crap off will ya?  I have been from the private
sector to the public sector and back to the private sector.  I have seen state
forestry people that were so narrow minded their hat leaked and others that
just wanted to make a paycheck, not a difference.  I have also seen consultants
that didn't know their butt from a hole in the ground and just wanted to make a
buck, not a difference.  Land ethic and public service is an individual thing;
not dictated by the kind of job you have.  I know consultants and government
foresters who really try to make a difference in their own sphere of influence.
 I personally felt I did more good as a service forester, but that is another
long sad story.

Everyone likes to dump on the timber pimps.  Well, now I work as a buyer for a
timber dealership.  But, I still try to make a difference in the quality of
forest management on the lands I work and educate the landowners I contact. 
"Bloom where you're planted", I say.

Joe, you sound like you want the state forestry people to be "your" sales
staff.  In PA and AL (and other places I'm sure) that's what the consultants
got.  So, if the state guys aren't very enthusiastic about having their hands
tied, can you blame them.  Try operating your business under the guidebook of
your state forestry agency.  Sure, state forestry agencies often lack visionary
(or even competant) leadership.  But, if you think state forestry employees are
not just as frustrated by this, get yer head outta the sand.  I don't care what
kind of system your state has, getting or keeping state jobs is a political
thing.  That can sour anything.  When you lump "burros" all in the same tirade
they tend to take that a bit personally.  Hell, I resent it and I don't work
for them anymore.

Steve, you have to admit Joe makes some very good points about the impact of
state forestry.  Honestly, are you very pleased with the direction of the AFC
right now?  And, you really should have thicker skin by now.  It's the only way
you will keep your perspective and effectiveness in a world that thinks all
state employees are incompetant or lazy.  Remember that guy back in 1955? 
You're all still getting blamed for him.

This had the potential to be the most interesting thread in quite a while. 
Let's not turn it into a flame fest, eh?

Bob Miller
Alabama Registered Forester

~~~> The forest may be quiet, but that doesn't mean all the snakes have left.

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