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>Actually, I've worked in the public sector. I agree, it's no picnic.  Good
>leadership makes the difference. And good laws. But regardless, it's not as
>difficult as consulting. In my state, the majority who tried consulting
>failed- this is NEVER true of ANY government agency since the dawn of

Making a decent living in govment work is not as hard as in consulting, but the
work can be just as challenging.  I believe it takes a certain mind set to be a
good service forester.  Consultants would make good service foresters.  But for
a service forester to become self employed as a consultant takes a great deal
of self motivation.  Speaking from experience, we become very dependant on the
infrastructure of a large state agency.  It's not laziness, more a lack of
production ($$$) orientation.  Consultants and industry foresters tend to look
down on their service foresters because they don't appear to "produce"
anything.  One of the most difficult things for me to do, as a service
forester, was to try to make all the hours public contacts I made each month
fit into our time reporting system.  The agency effort to make us "look"
productive.  <g>

And, yes Joe, government agencies do fail; apparently yours has.  Leadership
does make all the difference.  Steve is still a company man, but I can say it;
the Alabama Forestry Commission is backing up right now.  They have a lot of
good people like Steve.  But, if the leadership doesn't shape up it's act they
will loose them.  IMHO.

Bob Miller
Alabama Registered Forester

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