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Sat Feb 1 11:41:37 EST 1997

Hi Tim, glad to see this "net thing" can really work.  I too have heard
that returns on fertilizing - at least conifers in a situation like mine
haven't been very significant.  To my little pea brain, it seems like it
should help, but can't really argue with results.  I do plan to try a
little on a small scale. Can't spend too much money (ha ha, point taken!).
 Just don't want to be fertilizing the manzanita and ceanothus!  
    It is nice to vent a little about the frustrations and controversies. 
Strangely, I joined the feds in part for that very reason.  To jump into
the middle, try to play the middle ground, and be effective.  That was my
young idealistic side.  Even then I knew "effective beaurocracy" is an
oxymoron.  Now after several years in the system I can't say my ideals
have been realized, but it has been good for my personal and professional
    At times I've debated about switching over to the industry but I
really like the variety I can get with the FS (gad, I said it!).  I still
like to go on fires (camp jobs nowadays) and I still like to keep abreast
of what's happening in other arenas - wildlife, range, soils, hydro, etc.
    And, I'm female too (so much for the AOL commercial of "no genders, no
age, etc. etc.).  When I started my career there was much more opportunity
for my gender w/ the feds than w/ private.  I love this kind of work and
have been at it  since a pup.  Not an old timer yet though!  
    I work on the Lassen, a beautiful area.  Cascade/Sierra transition
zone, true mixed conifer stands.  Went to Humboldt.  Got my degree in Nat.
Resource Mgt. but took mostly Forestry.  Those folks were really my nitch.
 Normal people who love the outdoors and enjoy big macs instead of tofu!
    As you can see I like to gab a lot, time to get off this thing get
productive.  If the gender thing jammed you up (don't expect so) I'm
happily married - to a man that works for SPI no less!  In the millworks
end thank god (no shop talk). 
    I hope more folks from No. Cal. get on this.  I value hearing from
other folks, especially outside the FS - get some different perspectives.
                      Have a good day!  Lauren Payne

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