Future use of biosci.agroforestry

gareth browning aforester at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 1 23:09:12 EST 1997

I agree with Brian. As a forester based in North Cumbria, England I have
been listening to and posting to this group for about 10 months. In that
time I have enjoyed both the agroforestry and forestry conversations.
Its good to have people of differing outlooks involved in the same
discussion as it generates more interesting thoughts. I agree with those
who say splitting the two camps would be  to the detriment of the both
sides. I favour staying in this group after all foresters and
agroforesters may be different even radically but they still at some
point deal with trees. On the subject of what is agroforestry how about
this cumbrian view

"Agroforestry is the simultaneous management of land for the production
of food crops and trees"

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