1997 Pacific NW Bamboo Agroforestry Workshop

Gib Cooper bambugib at harborside.com
Sun Feb 2 11:13:06 EST 1997

Announcing the 1997 Pacific Northwest Bamboo Agro-forestry Workshop. 
June 21-22, 1997 at Ft. Worden, Port Townsend, Washington

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Gib Cooper
28446 Hunter Creek Loop
Gold Beach, OR 97444
Tel & FAX: (541) 247-0835 or email: bambugib at harborside.com
Pacific Northwest Chapter of the American Bamboo Society
2nd Vice President for Public Information of the American Bamboo Society

The list of speakers and topics:


Ned Jaquith -   "Flowering of Bamboo"  - Bamboo Nurseryman, President
PNC-ABS, Portland, OR

Darrel DeBoer  - "A Survey of Bamboo Architecture"   -    Architect,
Berkeley, CA

Simon Velez - ³Bamboo Architecture in Columbia² - Architect, Columbia

Andy Lee    -   "Laminated bamboo lumber (LBL), oriented strand board
(OSB) made from bamboo, and bamboo-reinforced OSB beams" and "Technical
data for the utilization of bamboo resources grown in the USA during the
past three years." - Bamboo Researcher, Clemson University, SC.

Gary Young  -  "Advanced Bamboo/Epoxy Composites"  -  Laminate technician
& researcher, HI.

Trevor Dagilis  -  "Bamboo Particleboard"  -  Civil Engineering, Queen's
University at Kingston, CANADA

Andy Bary, Steve Fransen, Carol Miles, and Craig Cogger - ³Bamboo in
Sustainable Agriculture: Research Horizons² - Washington State
University-Puyallup and Lewis County Cooperative Extension

Garold Nelson  -  "Analysis of Bamboo as Fodder" - Bamboo grower and
stockman, Coquille, OR

Daphne Lewis and Simon Henderson -   "Building A Bamboo Farm and Marketing
It's Products" - Simon Henderson holds a Diploma in Permacultue Design
from the Permaculture Institute of Australia, Daphne Lewis is a Bamboo
Landscape Designer, Seattle, WA

Tim Ogden - "Bamboo Shoot Production" - Bamboo Agro-forestry Grower,
Mrytle Creek, OR.

Dr. Cao Qungen   -   "The status, growing and models of bamboo in
Agro-forestry of China."  -   Associate Professor in bamboo cultivation
and forest ecology, Subtropical Forestry Research Institute, China

Rick Valley - "A Polyculture for Rapid Grove Establishment" - Bamboo
Grower/Permaculturist, OR.

Stephen Buxbaum - "Developing a Cooperative". Former Executive Director of
WA State Rural Development Council and  Executive Director of the Farm and
Development Council. WA.

Milo G. Clark - "Bamboo as a community resource: Bamboo as an industrial
commodity." - Managing Director, Strategic Design, a consultancy in rural
community and development, Berkeley, CA  (Milo will be the Editor of the
1997 PNW Bamboo Agroforestry Workshop Proceedings)

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