Deer Protection

gareth browning aforester at
Sun Feb 2 11:40:38 EST 1997

I am a forester in North Cumbria, England managing amongst other things
a number of ancient semi-natural Sessile Oak woods. One of the main aims
is to encourage regeneration within gaps in the canopy. We have a
resisdent population of Roe deer and whilst we have an annual cull
(circa 100 over 7000ha) other protection is still necessary. 

Following instruction from an older/wiser forester I have erected a
number of small 20m square stock fence exclosures over the past four
years. The theory goes that if the deer can see all the sides of the
exclosure they will walk around it rather than jump in and potentially
get trapped. The advantage of this over deer fence is two fold, its
cheeper and in high recreation areas less obtrusive.

It certainly seems to work. What I am interested in is if anyone has any
similar experiences and more interestingly whether there is any
documented evidence/ research.

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