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Joseph Zorzin redoak at vgernet.net
Mon Feb 3 18:41:28 EST 1997

Larry Caldwell wrote:

> Anyway, I started wondering if I was making any money pruning.  I've
> heard that the only people who make money off of pruning are the mills,
> since they don't pay a premium for pruned logs.  I suppose I'll keep
> doing it, since I'm a few years yet from harvesting any logs.  Still,
> I could be sitting on my rear writing stuff to usenet instead of catching
> a record case of poison oak trying to improve my trees. :)

If you let the logs grow big enough and have records proving the size of
the trees when you pruned them- indicating that you now (will) have
mostly clear lumber- and you do some serious marketing- my bet is you'll
get a nice return for your work. Clear lumber will be harder than ever
to find in future decades and should be quite valuable.

(I'm a forestry consultant in Mass.)

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