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Jamie Simpson central at
Mon Feb 3 02:24:33 EST 1997

LPayne1009 wrote:
>   Enough chit chat, here's a real question to throw out there.  I run our
> reforestation program and am thinking of trying some fertilizer.  i.e. the
> teabags or tablets you plant w/ the tree.  In No. Cal. water is most
> limiting but it still seems to me this could give a boost when there is a
> growing window.  Any experiences with this stuff?  I've seen research
> that's shown both an effect and no effect.

I recently read some papers from a conference on biomass production.  It
seems to me that one of the major concerns was water availability. 
Fertilizer will not benefit a tree unless it has the water it needs. 
Spacing and competition control trials should be your first priority,
especially where moisture is limiting.

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