Chain Saw Training

Don Staples dstaples at
Mon Feb 3 13:26:56 EST 1997

RRR3494 wrote:
> How many of loggers in you area have completed a manual chain saw training
> program?
> What is the percentage of logger in compliance with OSHA reg. 1910.266 in
> your area?
> A. Hard Hat worn?
> B. Hearing & Face Protections worn?
> C. Chain Saw Protective Chaps or Pants worn?
> D. Chain Saw Protective Footwear worn?
> C. Signaling or Radios system on the logging site?
> (throwing a stick at the skidder operator does not count)
> I am APA Board Member and would like some feed back on what is going in
> the real world of logging.
> Bob Reynolds

The state of Texas (Yahoo!) has implemented a certified logger program that addresses 
the areas of your concern.  There have been rapid strides in company loggers falling 
into line with the requirements of OSHA and in house training.  With the independents 
you get less for your money.  The companies have taken the lead in training their 
people, and requiring independents that work on company jobs be under the same 
guidelines.  The program is a little over two years old, so results are just now comming 

I will by coppy of the comments ask a state forester to jump in and give further 
comments on their program.

Are you out there, Mary Kay?

Oh, and throwing a stick or dirt clod at the operator is a time honored Texas way of 
attracting attention to a problem, one reason the training came into effect.

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