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Don Staples dstaples at
Mon Feb 3 13:16:35 EST 1997

Jamie Simpson wrote:

> I have spent many years with dirty boots - from Carolinian to Boreal -
> and have never doubted that forestry is a science unto itself.  And
> forestry is NOT just about growing trees as fast as possible!

100% agreement.  Some one else in this line mentioned that agroforestry is a full 
ecological management of a system where agro crops and forestry are managed as a unit.  
We do this in Texas with game, cattle, timber, and usually a mix of other farming 
(orchards, truck patch, etc).  That is what my little company tries to do, manage for 
the land, but we also need to show a profit, and live long enough to see the benefits of 
our labor.

Having a producing oil well on the tract usually is the best agricultural practice we 
can have!  Lets us do the rest.

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