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> Re: recent discussion on the need for a new 'Forestry' usegroup

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> The only reason to consider a new group is that supposedly
> "agroforestry" is something different from field forestry as practiced
> in America and that those agroforesters (still don't know what that
> means) might not like us non agroforesters muscling in on their
> territory. But then again there isn't exactly a crowd of agroforesters
> here complaining. So.. I guess without a stampeed for a new group, we'll
> use this one. <G>
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As someone working in agroforestry I wish to say that there is little in
the 'operational forestry' threads posted to this group that are of ANY
interest to me.  Agroforestry is somewhat specialized and typically
outside of the many threads on policy and professional practice that
occupy this space.  I, for one, would appreciate a forum for discussion
DIRECTLY relevant to agroforestry issues.  This is a relatively new
field to most and has many aspects that need to be discussed.  There is
no reason for any person with knowledge or insight to avoid a group on
agroforestry.  But, for the concerns of the many 'traditional' or
'typical' forestry topics, there most definitely should be a separate

Let this be the beginning of the stampede....yippee kay yea!

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