tree planting and CO2 sequestration

Paolo Mori sherwood at
Tue Feb 4 10:34:55 EST 1997

Dear readers and collegues,
I am trying to find updated information about the role of trees (and in 
particular: fast-growing tree plantations) in reducing atmospheric CO2 
concentration. These information will be used for an article in our monthly 
forestry magazine in italian language called "Sherwood - Foreste e Alberi 
In the net I was able to find only two good hints: the home page of the Carbon 
Dioxide Information Analysis Center -CDIAC- ( 
) and an interesting document: Tree Planting to Abate Carbon Dioxide 
Emissions: Options for Southern California Edison (By Frank Muller, Center for 
Global Change, College Park, Maryland USA) found in 

Following a mail sent to the CDIAC, Gregg Marland (Environmental Sciences 
Division - Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge, TN USA) kindly addressed 
me to two interesting documents : and .   

Is there somebody in the Net that can send me information, or some more 
www address ?  I put the same questions to the forest-mail list and I hope to 
"harvest" good hints from this newsgroup, too.

Thank you for your help

Antonio Brunori, M.Sc.
Vice-Editor Sherwood 

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