Non timber forest products

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Feb 4 19:04:55 EST 1997

Ron Wenrich wrote:

> I was wondering if, as consultants, we should be investigating other
> non-timber forest products (NTFP)?  Afterall, aren't we supposed to be
> maximizing the yield of the forest for our clients?  Does this only mean
> fiber?
> Aside from wildlife management and recreation, are there any other NTFPs we
> should be considering?
> Time to dust off the old Euell Gibbons books!

Good point. But I suppose most of us don't know much on those other
subjects. Certainly we aren't going to learn them in most forestry
schools which are focused on timber production and deer "harvesting".
Luckily I was a flower child in the 60's so I did pick up a little of
these alternative subjects. <G> Yes, there are many wonderful things you
can grow in the forest. <G>

But, realistically these alternative income sources are only going to
work if the landowner is willing to invest his time to do the work. I
don't think I could harvest enough mushrooms or herbs at my outrageous
hourly fee to make any profit for the landowner. Most of my clients
couldn't care less about doing this work. They retain me since in my
state (Mass.)I can get their property tax reduced by 95% and make them a
substantial profit from timber sales. Mushroom and herbs just don't get
factored in.

I'd like to see an essay on this subject. Maybe you could convince we
"mud on our boots timber beasts" that we should slow down a little and
go looking for herbs.

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