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gates gates at gates.demon.co.uk
Tue Feb 4 19:32:20 EST 1997

If we plant trees, preferably broad leaved ones at high density, we
survive.  If not, allowing for all current plans, we die of no oxygen in
65 years according to a US supposedly conservative computer model.  

Let's just help each other with trees whatever the hell we want them
for.  Trees compliment us in every way and kelp won't help!  Much will
die with water level changes one way or another.  Trees are there and
are a sustainable resource if we treat 'em right.  

I am interested to know from you prof.'s & pro.'s why I see so little on
here re forest products from oak bark for dyeing through birch for
molasses or cling film to bits of stick for staves, peasticks, tent
pegs, thatching spars etc.  Coppicing is coming back in Britain and
about time too as you get biggish timbers then lots of others apart from
logs from culled stuff.  Is UK ahead, behind or just different?

P.S.  I did a gardening job at a London security firm HQ in ex docklands
and developed some lovely hives from poison oak someone had put in a
hedge to make a change from thorns.  Now I know what it looks like I
know what to do about the dratted stuff.  (I have quite a fondness for
burberris now).  Yours the wiser,

Les,  Tree Wizard of The White Brethren
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