Non timber forest products

Don Staples dstaples at
Wed Feb 5 19:54:03 EST 1997

Twenty years ago we were in a project for the US Health Service where we collected stems 
from specific species of plants throughout the eastern portion of Texas.  Many were 
shrub species that would not meet the minimum length and diameter specified, so we ended 
up sending bundles of stems to meet the weight requirements.  Apparently the request had 
gone out to all states of the union.  They were looking for bio-active extracts from the 

Out of this real basic research came Taxol (I beleave this is the correct spelling) used 
in the treatment of breast cancer and other soft tissue cancers.  There was quite a to 
do about the loss of the Pacific Yew that was used to produce this extract, I now think 
they have a synthetic version.

You never know what your burning, or herbiciding.

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