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Geary N. Searfoss gscpa at cp.duluth.mn.us
Tue Feb 4 19:38:53 EST 1997

Larry Caldwell wrote:
> What kind of trees to you grow there in Wisconsin?  Do you stick with
> native hardwoods, or have you converted to softwood plantations?

One of my tree farms is planted pine (pinus resinosa) with a few whites 
along one side. The other tree farm has a variety of natural stands from 
northern hardwoods (hard maple, basswood, oak) to aspen/fir to black ash 
in the lowlands.
> I was out thinning and pruning today.  The weather here was about 55 degrees,
> and I spent the whole day in a T-shirt working up a pretty good sweat.
> Eat your heart out. :)

I hate to disappoint you but I LOVE winter. I couldn't possibly fathom 
living anywhere that doesn't have snow for at least 3 months out of the 
year. I like winter so much I lead a group of Boy Scouts into the BWCAW 
every January for a five day/four night excursion. We camp in tents and 
mover around on snow shoes and skis, pulling our gear in toboggans. I do 
have to admit that it's a bit difficult to crawl out of the bag when it's 
-39F but I wouldn't trade it for the world!
> Anyway, I started wondering if I was making any money pruning.  I've
> heard that the only people who make money off of pruning are the mills,
> since they don't pay a premium for pruned logs.  I suppose I'll keep
> doing it, since I'm a few years yet from harvesting any logs.  Still,
> I could be sitting on my rear writing stuff to usenet instead of catching
> a record case of poison oak trying to improve my trees. :)
> -- LarryI've always had the same question!

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