Non timber forest products

Jamie Simpson central at
Fri Feb 7 02:41:21 EST 1997

Don Staples wrote:

> Indeed, yet, even in the research of these bio-active extracts there was
> found to be different levels of the compounds from different ages of the
> source material.  I beleave the natural "asperin" obtained from Salix is
> more potent and in higher parts per million in new stems than in the old
> stems.
> Even further, I don't beleave that there has been a great deal of
> research into the uses of plant materials by native Americans, unless by
> local greenies and drop out hippie types.  There is a mass of evidence
> that points to compounds from plants that have been set aside or over
> looked due to their archaic nature.
> Sadly, it is a by product of long term forest management that is
> overlooked.

There is a reputed cure for cancer called "ESSIAC" named after a nurse
that worked in south central Ontario.  Her name was Irene Caisse (spell
the name backwards to get the connection).  There are apperently
documented cases of remission when this drug, a Native remedy composed
of local herbs, was taken.  Some of the health food stores stock a ready
made solution.  However, the ingredients can be bought in bulk from
these same stores at a much reduced cost.  A search on the web will
produce some history on this concoction and a recipe.  How many more
potential benefits are we overlooking?  This may be the best argument
for preserving 'biodiversity'.

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