Non timber forest products

Ron Wenrich woodtick at
Fri Feb 7 18:02:40 EST 1997

<> > Don Staples wrote:
> > 
> Agreed, but the problem is the age old resistance to use "old" methods,
and the natural 
> resistance of the medical industry to accept something that is not out of
the lab,and 
> with years of research and development.  
> Secondarily, if you look at the records, such research has been dismissed
as being 
> foisted on the public by preservationists. I am not a preservationist,
just a field 
> forester, but I see potential in long term mixed species management. 
Both in quality of 
> product produced, and value of secodary benefits.
> With the diversity in the US, there should be an ability of the feds to
set up a 
> relitively inexpensive research project to search out the bio-active
ingrediants of 
> plants, and set about the mechanism to recognize the management of some
species for long 
> term benefits to man.
I think it has more to do with money and politics than anything else. 
Remember that drug companies pay a lot of money in the education of
doctors, who then administer their drugs.  In my opinion, many doctors are
just liscensed drug pushers.  Besides, it is impossible for natural
remedies to be patented, and therefore, not very profitable.  Since there
is a close association between the medical establishment and the drug
companies, natural cures are looked on as "hoaxes".  Did you ever take
vitamin C for a cold?

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