Farm/Forest diary

Larry Caldwell larryc at
Sat Feb 8 00:18:39 EST 1997

I'm over halfway through planting trees this year.  The ponderosa pine
is all in, and the Douglas Fir is coming along nicely.  The weather has
been sunny and shirtsleeve temperatures all week, though a little storm
is moving in this evening.

Lately I've been talking to some folks about innoculating tree roots with
mycorrhizal fungi.  One xmas tree farm east of Portland supposedly 
harvested $3,000/acre of white truffles last year, while simultaneously
doubling tree growth.  Boy, that really sounds good, particularly when
I didn't get a single chantrelle out of my fir last year.  It would
also be great to be able to harvest Boletus Edulis under my pine trees.
I'm still looking into it, but hope to get a small quantity of spawn
before my last firs go in the ground this month.

The log scaling and grading class is interesting.  To my surprise, many
of the students are tree growers like me, not choker setters looking for
a carreer change.  :)  We had some interesting conversations already on
the effect of pruning on log grading.  I think it's going to be as
useful and profitable as I had hoped it might be.

Time to shower and head for class.  This newsgroup is pretty low traffic.
I'm on farmer mailing lists that are positively chatty by comparison.

-- Larry

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