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Fri Feb 7 23:13:20 EST 1997

>       I didn't know that there was Taxus in Texas (sorry  ;-).   I still have some rough cut slabs aging in my woodshed.
>Mike Hagen
Luv the pun, neither did I.  Taxin comes from Baccarat from yew
clippings made into the first at least in E. Europe then into taxin.
Kew now has a freak seedling it's cloning cos it has so much taxin in
the bark you don't need to make it into baccarat first.

All I really replied to say was sell the yew to a bowyer!  Better than
lemonwood any day or should be.  Maybe you could give a piece to a party
you contact to see how it works.  Regards   Les
Tree Wizard of The White Brethren.
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