Non timber forest products

Jamie Simpson central at
Sun Feb 9 02:03:54 EST 1997


But more to the point is the pharmaceutical industries resistance to
accept such unprofitable solutions to disease.  If one could grow a
garden in a backyard that would provide all the ingredients for a cure,
or whatever, where would the industry profit from wonder drugs, such as
interluken.  The marginal return on birch bark is a lot less than what
can be realized from the new drugs being developed.  And which is the
stronger lobby group.  Survival is the strongest instinct in many
creatures that inhabit this planet (whether it be suvival of the gene or
of the self) except in humans.  In too many cases it seems we are hell
bent on destroying the environment upon which we are dependant to
survive.  At some point in the future of this species, current economic
theory will no longer apply.  We cannot manage for a future unknown. 
But, we can manage to allow future generations the chance to discover
new uses for currently uneconomic species.  Take the PNW Taxus sp. for

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