Deer Protection

Jamie Simpson central at
Sun Feb 9 02:26:07 EST 1997

Tim Morin wrote:
> There is a company here in California that a deer repellent made strictly of garlic oil. I need to do some digging to find out the address of the company, so be patient.
> The idea is garlic does repel deer.  Several private landowners have used of rose bushes in coastal California, and claim that it works well.  The garlic oil is enlcosed within a plastic casing, about the size of a 5cm pencil.  Once the "seal" is broken, the scent of the garlic is quite
> aromatic.  Anyway, I'll find out the address and post it within the
> newsgroup. 
> Tim Morin
I have also heard that Ivory soap is a deterrent to dear.  I believe
that you are supposed to grate it and put it into a nylon stocking or
some such and hang it around the area to be protected.  Alternatively,
get yerself a big hungry dog and let it loose. Keep the kids indoors for
a while!

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