CO2 sequestration and Trees

Don Staples dstaples at
Thu Feb 13 12:32:27 EST 1997

John Skillman wrote:
> I don't have the numbers here in front of me but you would have to plant
> new forest over approx 1/3 of N. America to account for the CO2 being
> released there from fossil fuels EVERY YEAR.  And what do you do once
> the trees have sequestered all the CO2?  They can not be burned or
> allowed to decompose or you have made no gain whatsoever.

I am not a pro on the sequestering of CO2, however, trees are not the only source of CO2 
scrubbing, nor are industrial sources the only producers of CO2.  Any Chlorophyll 
bearing plant converts CO2, so your other sources of sequestering include everything 
from pond scum to redwoods.

And there is little chance of sequestering all the CO2, to many natural as well as man 
made sources.  This is basically an open system, with the only truely man made effected 
portion of the loop being that of industrial release and, of course, how we treat the 
plant biology portion of our community.  Only in a totally closed loop system would 
there be a basis for concern on your questions.

I am more concerned over chlor/flor releases than CO2. No natural source of reduction 
for these two products.

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