Jamie Simpson central at
Fri Feb 14 22:32:33 EST 1997

Tammer Riad wrote:
> I am doing a report and I need to know about tropisms in plants.  I also
> need to know about the tropism auxin.  Any response would be greatly
> appreciated.  Thank you very much.
> Tammer Riad

Try starting with 'Plant Mineral nutrition' by Horst Marschner.  This is
the most comprehensive text book on plant biology I have come across. 
It may not provide the detail you are looking for but it is full of
references to the current and classic literature.  Marschner also tends
to deal at the organism level rather than discrete subcomponents of
systems.  I have found it more comprehensible than much of the

As an aside...Dr. Marschner died last fall fo malaria contracted while
working in Africa (if my memory serves me).

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