Consultant news.

Don Staples dstaples at
Sat Feb 15 14:38:55 EST 1997

The Association of Consulting Foresters is meeting with the Vermont Association of 
Consulting Foresters on the request of the current president.  Richard Carbonetti, the 
pres, expressed an interest to eventually convert the organization into a chapter of the 

Texas has desolved their state association in favor of being a chapter of the ACF, with 
the subsequest increase of exposure to the national discourse on forestry and related 
environmental topics.  To date the Texas Consulting Foresters have some 30 members and 
candidate members in the national group, with the numbers growing.

Consulting foresters have traditionally been mute on the national scene, but find that 
we have more to offer our clients and the public than the tradition bound state and 
federal agencies. Many of us are the only on the ground environmental advisor our rural 
clients see regularly.  Raising a national voice is to the benefit of the people and the 

Ruminations of an old forester.

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