CO2 and Global Warming

Don Staples dstaples at
Sat Feb 15 14:28:31 EST 1997

Jamie Simpson wrote:
> I heard on the news today that researchers have determined that deep,
> cold water in the Atlantic Ocean is coming to the surface and that this
> will compensate for global warming.  I guess Mother Nature IS looking
> out for us.  Although it is probably a waste of time for her.  Our
> species will find some other path to destruction.
> If I sound cynical it's because I am.

Yes, perhaps a cynic, but the cynics keep the rest of us honest in our 
operations.  As a forester I prefer clients that want the answers, and 
resist the pat answers that we are want to give.  It is the doom sayers 
that worry me, perhaps your one, but natures methods  have a way of 
making mans efforts pale in comparison.  Do we want global warming as an 
end to the last glaciation period, or global chilling as a result of the 
on coming next glaciation?  Not my call, I will take the hand delt.  
Optomistically, but I got to play the hand.

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