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Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sat Feb 15 06:44:01 EST 1997

John Little wrote:
> If you are reading this now, you, like me, are
> badly in need of money. Believe me, I understand.
> If the United States had debtor's prison, I'd have
> been in it years ago. However, there is a way out.
> All you have to do is use the follow program.
> Mail a single dollar bill to each of the following
> people, along with a note which says:
> "Please add me to your list. My name
> and address is (include your name and address)."
> (1)     Ralph
>         7439 Hwy 70 S. #268
>         Nashville, Tn. 37221
> (2)     Bob Sullivan
>         4553 Atascadero Dr.
>         Santa Barbara, Ca. 93110
> (3)     Bill Gray
>         8114 SW 104th Way
>         Gainesville, FL  32608
> (4)     Y. Yuksel
>         1561 Mesa Dr. #123
>         Santa Ana, CA 92707
> (5)     J. M. Little
>         Clemson University
>         P.O. Box 3669
>         Clemson, SC  29632-3669
> Then copy this message, and re-post it to as many
> newsgroups as you can, but with the following changes:
> Erase the first person's address.
> Move each of the remaining addresses up one number.
>         (#2 becomes #1, #3 becomes #2, etc.)
> Add your name and address as the fifth one.
> What will happen is this. Others who, like you, are
> in need of money, will read your message, just as
> you are reading this one, and decide that they need
> the extra cash. They will send you their one dollar
> bill, and repost the message, making the same changes
> you did. You will still be on the list as #4. Someone
> will read their message, send money to everyone on the
> list, including you, and post another message, making
> the changes. You will still be on the list as #3. This
> will continue until you are off the list, but by the time
> you are off the list, AT LEAST five people will send you
> money. There's the five dollars you sent. I cannot
> confirm them, but there are continuous statements about
> how people have made hundreds, thousands, and even tens
> of thousands of dollars with this plan. Remember, the
> more places you put this, the more money you make.
> Does this seem unreasonable? It shouldn't. There are
> millions of people in the United States just like you,
> who need money, and are looking for a solution.
> Thousands of people are getting on the internet for the
> first time, every day, and each of them wants to make
> money. Is it so unbelievable that they, like you, will
> follow this plan, hoping for a big return? At most, it
> will cost you ten dollars:  one dollar for each person,
> and five for the pen, stamps, and envelopes.
> Is it impossible for you to imagine there are ten people
> somewhere in America who want to make money?
> If there are, then you've only lost a little time. But
> in fact, there are MILLIONS of people who NEED the money,
> and they are looking for ANY chance to make some. You
> will more than make up for any time or money you spend.
> Is this program illegal? No. There's nothing illegal, or
> even shady, about this. Do you want proof?
> 1.  The inclusion of the message "Add my name to your
>         list." makes this a service, just like any TV
>         advertisement or 1-900 number. Are those illegal?
> 2.  Does the federal government police the internet? No.
>         Do they open your mail? No. THAT would be illegal.
> 3.  If this were illegal, do you really think I'd be dumb
>         enough to give the police my address?
> Please, support this program. There is the potential for
> both you and I to make a LOT of money together. Thank you.

Grow up asshole, and stay the hell out of the newsgroups. I have several
friends who'd love to mail bomb you!


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