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Dr.K.Venkateshwar Goud wrote:
> Please visit
> web site for more deatil information about phototropism.
> In article <01bc19f8$e9060180$ed2c74cf at>, "Tammer
> Riad" <kriad at> wrote:
> > I am doing a report and I need to find out about phototropism.  I also need
> > to find an experiment which would allow one to observe phototropism.  Any
> > response would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you very much.
> >
> > Tammer Riad

There is another recently rediscovered source of information.  There is
a device which contains sheets of pressed bleached wood fiber.  Words
can actually be imprinted on this substance utilizing a dark liquid. You
do not need a cathode ray tube to visualize them.  These devices may be
stored for 100's of years with little loss of information unlike
electromagnetic storage.  Little or no electricity is needed to read
them.  You may find them in special buildings set aside for their
storage.  I think they are called libraries.   I like to compare them to
the analogue watch which actually keeps time without electricity ;)

D. Haas

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