CO2 and Global Warming

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Sun Feb 16 17:09:00 EST 1997

Jon wrote:
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> > Not my call, I will take the hand delt.
> >Optomistically, but I got to play the hand.
> This is a bit head in the sand don't yer think.
> Do you really think that nature can cope with the shit we keep chucking
> at her? I know that the politicians think so but I don't think you're
> one of those :-)
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> Jon
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No, it is practicallity.  I change what I can, ignore what I cannot.  You might answer 
my hypothisis, though poorly stated.  Is it global warming because of man, or the end of 
the last glaciation?  Evidence exists that CO2 had higher concentrations than current in 
past eras.  Artic ice cross sections indicate steady warming since the end of the last 
glaciation.  Man has his faults, but, nature has delt with some fairly heavy foes in the 
past.  Read some where abut the amount of pollution that entered the atmsophere when 
Mount St.Helens erupted, put man to shame.  I have more faith in nature than man, 
suppose that is why I'm a working forester.

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