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Tim Morin lmorindc at
Sat Feb 15 19:56:44 EST 1997


I did talk to some of the "Old timers" at GP and found out that the 
fertilizing with nitrogen produced moderate results, and was basically 
discontinued because of lack of interest.  The interesting thing that I 
did find out is that the biggest response in growth was from an 
application of Sulpher.  Apparently, the sulpher was applied as sulpher 
oxide, and then when disolved by rainwater produces a mild acid, H2so4, 
sulphuric acid.  It is reasoned that this the more acidic soil then 
provideds additional nitrogen to become available for nutrient uptake.  

Congradulation/condolences to your husband.  SPI just bought our Martell 
mill and property.  Hope Red Emerson doesn't start looking at our coastal 

Tim Morin

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