EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

Sat Feb 22 01:21:50 EST 1997

David Whitt wrote:
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> norm lenhart  <lenhart at rippers.com> wrote:
> >They sure do ! Of course SOME would have us believe the opposite.
> >Wildlife of all kinds also inhabit the forests planted where once there
> >were only feilds. The Extremists try fostering the belief that Logging
> >turns vast tracts of land into barren wastelands , devoid of life for
> >all eternity. Nothing can be further from the truth.
> What happens after the topsoil, which was held in place by those trees
> which are no longer there, is washed away?  Many times, especially in
> areas near cities and towns, those logged areas are turned into subdivions
> and houses.  Those trees are lost.
> >Many people who have no idea of the reality of the situation, simply
> >accept the lies and disinformation campaigns of EF! and the Sierra Club.
> And the timber and agribusiness industries are so wholesome and always
> tell the truth.  They really have our best interest at heart.
> >I challenge these people to go to a place where new logging has occured.
> >Naturally, the scene is not one of "Natural beauty". However, go back to
> >that same spot 1 year later. You find new trees and plants of all kinds,
> >growing. You find the land "Born anew". Much of the time, it is helped
> >along by the planting of new timber BY THE LOGGING COMPANYS. NOT BY EF!
> >and the SIERRA CLUB!!
> >
> >Go back to that spot in 5 years. There is little evidence that any
> >logging had occured.
> >
> >Go back in 20 years. The forest can be selectively cut and NO evidence
> >of past logging exists.
> If this were true, why then do these companies have to continue cutting
> old growth?  Why not simply cut only those "born anew" trees that you love
> to talk about?  Maybe its because some of the land has not been "born
> anew" - because of suburban intrusion or topsoil depletion.  Maybe its
> because the timber industry is not replanted at the rate they are
> depleating.  One this is for certain.  With the population increasing and
> a parallel increase in industrial pollution, we need more and more trees
> to help filter the air and produce oxygen.  We need not fewer trees but
> more and because of the myopic vision of people like you, the CO2 levels
> have risen over 12% since 1900.  We now have a big hole in the oxone layer
> over the poles and a weakened oxone layer over the rest of the planet (oh
> those huge increases in skin cancer are purely coincidental - just like
> the increases in lung cancer among smokers).
> >Through out it all, Wildlife fills the area. Those of us from logging
> >areas have always known this. EF! and the SC know it all to well. The
> >difference is that - that information is counterproductive to thier
> >adgenda. It is that adgenda that takes away perfectly useable land and
> >"PROIECTS IT". It is that adgenda which causes families to loose jobs.
> >It is that adgenda that causes children to go hungry and be denied
> >neccacary health care because the parents have lost thier jobs.
> >"Protects it" from what ?
> Environmental laws have created more jobs than those lost.  Are you
> suggesting those loggers are too stupid to learn a new skill?  Is the
> limit of their capacity that of operating a chainsaw?  Everyone in society
> has to deal with the possibility of losing their job.  Do I, being a
> native of North Carolina, feel sorrow for the tobacco farmers going under
> now?  No, they can simply adapt and grow corn or cotton.
> >The answer is from people using itrationally, and reasonably. The sad
> >truth is they are like a greedy child with too many toys. They say "Dont
> >touch that". We say "Why not" ? They say "Because I said so" . When we
> >dont listen to them and do it anyway, they run to "Mommy" (the
> >government) and lie about how we "wont play fair" . Its a simple
> >analogy, but one that fits the situation perfectly.
> Maybe for someone with a child's mind but the rest of us are a bit more
> sophisticated and see the situation for what it really is.  Loggers want
> money.  They get it from logging.  Where money is concerned, morals go out
> the window.  Much like the tobacco industry doesn't care what damage their
> product does to the public, so long as they get their millions.  Likewise,
> loggers don't care what damage they do to the environment, after logging
> they will move on to another site.  They will defend themselves, just as
> the tobacco firms did, by claiming those who oppose them are lying and
> irrational.
> >These Groups MUST be exposed for the frauds that they are.  As the song
> >goes, "This land is your land, This land is my land". We're keeping it
> >that way.
> The problem is, you don't want to keep it that way.  You want this land to
> be your land for your profit.  If this land is our land, why not share
> your profits with us?
> >The desert is in a simmilar crisis. Not an environmental one, but an
> >environmentalist coused one. Sierra and EF! scream that the desert is
> >being destroyed by everything from ORV's to "Global Warming". As above,
> >I challenge people to see for themselves. Get the facts. Come down here
> >and talk to the locals. The people who have been here for decades. They
> >all tell the same story. The desert is the same today as it was decades
> >ago. Sure more people live here. However, a quick trip to the files
> >available from the USGS (united states geological survey) offices show
> >the truth of the tale. Lump the populated areas together, and you have a
> >little spot surrounded by enormous ammounts of land that have never seen
> >a human being.
> This is a complex issue but one problem is water.  Most desert towns and
> cities get their water from underground aquifers and the Colorado River
> (which is now so tapped it runs dry a few miles before it is suppose to
> empty into Baha).  The cities are growing so fast their is a large
> controversy brewing over water rights.  If the cities get their way, which
> is probable, they will have rights to the aquifers and will drain them
> dry.  These reservoirs, when they come to the surface, produce oasis-like
> areas vital to the plants, animals, and rural residents who live in the
> areas.  This is especially important in Nevada which is sad because Las
> Vegas (the city in this case) is taking the rural north to court over the
> water rights, claiming they need it.  If you've ever been to Las Vegas,
> you would know how poorly they manage their water and have the highests per
> capita usage of water.
> >However, Sierra and EF! strongarmed the Govt. into passing the Desert
> >Protection Act Somehow the enviro-terrorists figgured that that one
> >small spot of population was a mortal danger to 13.8 million acres of
> >land.
> >It just ain't so folks. Again, come and see for yourselves.
> >
> >This closure too will change.
> Enviro-terrorists?  What gives us that label?
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Yea right u Globalist!!!Letts all go back to caves and scrap are shit
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rights wingnuts wont like that..hmmmmmm..Well letts just eat weeds until
they find a problem with that...Damn where doomed..Thank you u
eco-globalist/animal rights socialists....Try taking my land and see
what happends!!!!!!!

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