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Richard E. Haley, Jr. green at writch.com
Sat Feb 22 09:05:01 EST 1997

wbg wrote:
> Of course the newly planted aren't "Old Growth".
This is an important point, we kill forests, and replace trees.  What we
end up with is a monoculture farm in place of an ecosystem.  We lose
of variety as well.

> : > to help filter the air and produce oxygen.  We need not fewer trees but
> : > more and because of the myopic vision of people like you, the CO2 levels
> : > have risen over 12% since 1900.
> Give me a break, and check your facts before recyclying the
> anti-capitalist Greens crap. We have more trees today in North America
> than we had in 1900. Since that verifiable fact might impair your
> ideologically bent polemics, you'd prefer to pretend it doesn't exist.

It is not intended as anti-capitalist crap, but pro-future-humans crap. 
If we 
suffocate in our own shit that would not be very smart (but it would be 
predictable).  We are not now, nor have been historically, much more
than very
clever little creatures; forethought was always Prometheus' job, we just 
dealt with the fire.

We do need to reduce the CO2 in our air, but it would be easier to do
with renewable fuels, which effect a net CO2 loss (like vegatable oils--
particularly hemp seed oil), than with more trees.  If we continue to
petroleum oil as fuel, and expect that we will somehow "scrub" the air
by planting trees, we are in the same situation as a fat alcoholic who
to lose weight by only drinking Lite Beer.

Not only that, but here it is that we have this neat goo hidden down in
the rocks
that we can make all sorts of things out of, and what are we doing with
Burning it.


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