EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

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Sat Feb 22 04:08:52 EST 1997

: David Whitt wrote:
: > 
: > >
: > >Go back in 20 years. The forest can be selectively cut and NO evidence
: > >of past logging exists.
: >
: > Maybe its because the timber industry is not replanted at the rate 
: > they are depleating. 

Au contraire - over the past several decades, at least in the West, the 
number planted has exceeded the number cut by a comfortable margin. Of 
course the newly planted aren't "Old Growth".

: > to help filter the air and produce oxygen.  We need not fewer trees but
: > more and because of the myopic vision of people like you, the CO2 levels
: > have risen over 12% since 1900.

Give me a break, and check your facts before recyclying the 
anti-capitalist Greens crap. We have more trees today in North America 
than we had in 1900. Since that verifiable fact might impair your 
ideologically bent polemics, you'd prefer to pretend it doesn't exist.

: > Environmental laws have created more jobs than those lost. 

Do you happen to have any documentation for this rather dubious assertion?

: > The problem is, you don't want to keep it that way.  You want this land to
: > be your land for your profit.  If this land is our land, why not share
: > your profits with us?

"Share your profits with us" ??? sounds like redistribution to me. 

Take it at gunpoint if you can, bucko.

W. Brewster Gillett	wbg at hevanet.com		Portland, Oregon USA

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