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> Thanks for all the suggestions to date. Keep them comming.
> Still nobody out there with any research material on the use of stock
> fences as against Deer fences?

I've seen small plots on Sidney Island that are fenced to keep the deer
out and allow the ground cover a chance to grow.

It's truly amazing to see ferns flourishing to heights over a meter in a
lush growth inside the enclosure, and a virtually barren landscape
outside the fenced area.

I don't know who would know more there, but I suspect you might have luck
with the parks people.... if it seems like a tack, email me and I'll do
some quick digging in the phone book for you.

Also, relatedly, this group may not be aware of the extremely high
efficacy of a new repellent we manufacture. It wouldn't be suitable for
use in the forest as it requires a garden hose - it's a motion activated
sprinkler.  Works an absolute treat and is about as eco friendly as
anything you could imagine.  It's  available now in the UK and many other
countries.  You can learn more about th SCARECROW at our always under
construction site:


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