EF! Fined $1million in Idaho

talltom SPAM at EAT.IT
Mon Feb 24 18:49:17 EST 1997

> On Sun, 23 Feb 1997, D. Braun wrote:
> > wbg wrote:
> >>  Give me a break, and check your facts before recyclying the
> >>  anti-capitalist Greens crap. We have more trees today in North America
> >>  than we had in 1900. Since that verifiable fact might impair your
> >>  ideologically bent polemics, you'd prefer to pretend it doesn't exist.
> > Stinky red herring, left over from the Limbaugh show (Hey, I wouldn't eat
> > it either). The number of trees isn't the issue, its the quality of the
> > forest--- and old-growth forests have irreplaceable qualities in addition
> > to valuable timber.

I'll agree that there is value to some in the trees that aren't x'
apart, but

how much value and to who? The only way to set that is by putting it on

market for all to bid on instead of forcing all to pay taxes top support

values of some. That's how a civilised society would do it, but we will

follow the path that has failed everywhere else too.

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