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> I'm writing a timber cruise program which I'd like to be useful outside my
> little corner of the world. It is capable of handling 12 different tree species
> at a time right now but I'm thinking of reducing this to 10 because:
> (1) it would alleviate some report formating problems and
> (2) I've never encountered more than seven species in a stand here in
> northwestern Washington State.
> My question to the newsgroup is: How many different tree species have you
> ever encountered in a stand-level inventory? I'm not interested in theoretical
> numbers, but actual counts. Please state the location, and if possible the
> species.
> Allan Derickson
> Freeland, Washington, U.S.A.  alland at
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A new cruise program? At last!
	Admittedly you may not find ten the same stand but over larger
units it wouldn't be impossible to max out in the Sikiyou/ Klamath
region in northern california.  This is possibly the most diverse
botanical region in the US. 
	It is remotely possible to find all these on one ridge in the coastal
hills: coastal redwood, douglas fir, w. hemlock, ponderosa pine, jeffery
pine, pacific yew, white fir (abies)spp, red fir spp, Brewers
spruce,Hardwoods including alders, live oaks, white oaks, black oaks,
chinquapin, tanoak, willows, myrtle(Pacific Laurel)and more if you
really get into minor species/ elevation change/ distance from the
	Here in the Olympics, seven spp. is not hard to reach at all if you
separate old growth logs from young or fast growth sorts. What seems to
limit most cruise programs( I'm thinking mostly of ones from the eastern
US)is the lack of enough sorts and grades for use in the PNW. Another
real benefit would be to incorporate a modern growth model for
predicting yields. I have two totally different but complimentary ones.
I'd still buy a good cruise program in a minute.
Hope this helps.
Mike Hagen
Hagen Consulting

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