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Tue Feb 25 12:07:22 EST 1997

Don Baccus wrote:
> In article <5emd34$3bs at glisan.hevanet.com>, wbg <wbg at hevanet.com> wrote:
> >Au contraire - over the past several decades, at least in the West, the
> >number planted has exceeded the number cut by a comfortable margin. Of
> >course the newly planted aren't "Old Growth".
> Only because they're planting a lot of little trees to replace fewer
> big trees.
> Fewer ACRES have been replanted than have been cut - there's a big
> (and, IMO, unforgivable) replanting backlog.  Speeding the pace to
> reduce that backlog has been one of the side-effects of the whole
> spotted owl situation - those NW Congresscritters who paid little
> attention to getting sufficient funds to clear the backlog for along
> time suddenly got religion.
> --

Agreed, and the largest percentage of unplanted cuts (in the states, not just NW) are in 
private ownership, not corporate or government, according to USFS statistics.  Where do 
we put the value of individual ownership when that ownership is detrimental to the land? 
What do we do to encourage the reforestation of private lands that would make it 
attractive and cost efficient for the private owner?  It is not just a backlog, but a 
failure of the public to understand what stewardship of the land is all about.  This is 
not a regional problem, but a national one.

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