Non timber forest products

rexs13 rexs13 at
Tue Feb 25 14:56:54 EST 1997

It is possible to innoculate almost any trees with one or more of
their preferred fungal partners prior to planting. While this is
relatively inexpensive, the desired outcome (establishing healthy
[exotrophic and endotrophic] mycorrhiza as well as harvesting mature
fungal fruiting bodies) is not always achieved. I prefer to propagate
truffles and other fungi in existing stands of timber. This may not
insure harvestable quanties of fungi but success or failure will
become apparent within a few years (instead of a decade or more) and
the process may be tried again.
Some areas areas where I am re-introducing the fungi have been used
for other crops (farming) for the 40 to 100 years before being
aforested. It is important to have a healthy fungal community to
insure the health and favorable growth rate of the trees. Since
different systems have different members below ground (ie- douglas fir
trees have completely different below ground systems [the systems
operate pretty much the same- they just have different species
represented] than, for example, alder - oak has yet another group of
"companions") just as they do above ground, it is important to
recognize this and manage for it to get optimal timber growth rates.
It is also possible to get as much or more than the timber is worth
(over the life of the tree) by marketing the mature fruiting bodies of
the fungi. 


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