PhD in Plant Cell and Tissue culture - Looking for job - Resume enclosed

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Wed Feb 26 21:25:10 EST 1997

        January 21, 1997

	Sub : Application for post doctoral research 
	      in "Plant Cell and Tissue Culture" 

	I, Ms Ramana, have completed my Masters degree in Botany with
        in Tissue Culture. Currently I working on my doctoral research on
	of Biochemical mutants using cell culture of cereals". Research work 
	required for this has been completed and report (thesis) is under
        preparation. I am likely to complete this work by March 1997. I am 
	interested in furthering my career in US either by continuing research 
	in an university or some industry. I am herewith enclosing my resume 
	for your kind perusal. This resume has been generated in "plain text"
	format (using Notepad in Windows). Please feel free to contact me if
	you need any additional information. 

        For easier access I am also giving you my sister's address 
        in US (including e-mail Id and phone number). You may 
        send all your correspondance to this address.

        Thanking you very much,

        R V Ramana


	Name 				: R V Ramana

	Date of Birth   		: March 16, 1967

	Address for correspondance 	: 1-9-944
				 	  Postal colony
				  	  Andhra Pradesh
				  	  India - 506 001
				  		Ph. : 91-8712-75887

	Contact point in US	        : Madhavi Latha Arra
        (My sister)			  52, Croton Ave.,  Apt #6B
					  OSSINING, NY 10562
				 		Ph.    -  914-944 1418
						e-mail -  manoj at

	Educational Qualifications 
        Name of examination	University	Year of   Grade        Optional
			           		passing   obtained     subjects
	BS			Osmania	         1987   First class    Botany
			        India				       Zoology

	MS			Kakatiya	1991	University     Tissue Culture
			        India			First             (Botany)

	Ph.D.			Kakatiya      Research work		Plant Cell and
 			        India         completed and		Tissue culture
				              thesis under		(Details given
				              preparation		below)
				              (likely to 
				              complete by
				              March 1997)


	Awards/ Distinctions 		: Awarded Gold medal for obtaining first rank 
					  among all students of university in MS (Botany) 

	Doctoral research work          : Selection of biochemical mutants using
					  culture of cereals. Research being conducted 
					  at plant cell and tissue culture lab, 
					  Department of Botany, Kakatiya University, 
					  Warangal, India

	Conference Attended 		: Frontiers of microbial biotechnology

	Papers/books published		: Streptomycin Resistance in Solanum Melongena, 
				  	  Journal of "Theoretical and Applied genetics", 
				 	  Springer and Veerlag, Berlin, 1992

				 	  Direct somatic embryo genesis and transformation 
				 	  in cycer arietinum, "Indian Journal of experimental 
				 	  biology", New Delhi, 1996

					  Direct somatic embryo genesis in chick pea, 
					  Journal of "Plant Cell, Tissue & Organ culture",
 					  Netherlands, August 1965

					  Selection of Hydoxiprotine Resistant cell lines 
					  of Eleusine Coracana (Finger millet), 
					  Journal of "Plant and Tissue Culture", 
					  Dhaka, July 1996

					  10+2 standard textbook on Botany for Indian 
					  colleges published by Johnson publishing house, 

	Teaching Experience  		: Had been teaching BS (Botany) students 
				  	  in various institutions in Andhra Pradesh, 
				  	  India for the last  five years.  

	Research Experience  		: Has worked as a "Research Scholar" with Botany 
				  	  department of  Kakatiya University, Warangal, India 
				  	  for three years. 

				 	  Currently working as "Senior Research" scholar 
				 	  with Botany department of  Kakatiya University, 
				 	  Warangal, India after winning prestigious  
					  scholarship instituted by  Council of Scientific 
					  and Industrial Research, Government of India.

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