Maximum number of species in a forest

Michael Hagen mhagen at
Wed Feb 26 19:00:55 EST 1997

Larry Caldwell wrote:
> Low elevation, just south of Roseburg Oregon.  Let's see now:
> doug fir, white pine, ponderosa pine, incense cedar
> madrone, white oak, vine maple, bigleaf maple
> cottonwood, alder, chinquoapin, willow, myrtle
> wild prune, apple, thorn apple, wild apricot, wild cherry, mock orange
> hazel, black walnut, mountain ash, pacific yew,
> plus a couple of unidentified species.
> This is a 93 acre site with both north and south slopes, and a stream
> running through it.  I think there are two different species of willow,
> and three different types of wild plum.
> -- Larry

Hi Larry,
	This thread started with the idea of a new cruise program and I'm sort
of interested in what people use, what they like and don't like. I've
toyed with the idea of writing one too but have never gotten around to
it. I've hand cranked cruises but long ago appreciated the speed and
improved accuracy that a computer gave you. For my own work, I use ACE.
(I am NOT advertising) It's not what you might call "friendly" but gets
the job done and can be run on a palmtop.

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