Maximum number of species in a forest

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Fri Feb 28 00:10:28 EST 1997

alland at wrote:
> I'm writing a timber cruise program which I'd like to be useful outside my
> little corner of the world. It is capable of handling 12 different tree species
> at a time right now but I'm thinking of reducing this to 10 because:
> (1) it would alleviate some report formating problems and
> (2) I've never encountered more than seven species in a stand here in
> northwestern Washington State.
> My question to the newsgroup is: How many different tree species have you
> ever encountered in a stand-level inventory? I'm not interested in theoretical
> numbers, but actual counts. Please state the location, and if possible the
> species.
> Allan Derickson

In the appalachian hardwoods of Kentucky I often tally 15 to 20
different species
but that is no problem.  A timber cruising program I wrote about 18
years ago
and have used on hundreds of timber cruises since allows an unlimited
number of
species as well as other parameters.  The summary it produces though
uses species 
groups which are species of similiar value.  There is a link on my
forestry page
to a description of that program if you are interested in details.

Looking at my notes of a recent cruise I find the following species:
yellow poplar
chestnut oak
shortleaf pine
black gum
red maple
white oak
scarlet oak
mountain magnolia
white ash
hickory - several species lumped together
virginia pine
northern red oak
black oak
sugar maple

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