Hemp - the fiber of the past

Scott Golden sgolden at vth.colostate.edu
Wed Jan 1 18:27:37 EST 1997

	What is the nutrient toll on soils used to cultivate hemp?  I have
heard that it is a very depleting crop.  Is it used on a crop rotational
basis?  Do we take food crops out of production in order to accomodate the
cultivation of hemp, or turn yet more woodland into plowed fields?  It
seems to me that the short rotational agro-forests, as in the southern US,
are a much more successful and viable option for fiber production.  These
forests are more aesthetically pleasing and surely a more "natural"
environment than a hemp plantation.

Just curious,
Scott G.

 On 31 Dec 1996, FITanT wrote:

> Yes the hemp plant that wonderous plant that has the power to clean the
> attmosphere of radon and most other polutants; grows faster and chaeper
> than trees. Has a better fiber source for paper. Is the stuff that gasahol
> was concevieved of. ( yes in the heyday of the automobile the gasoline
> engine was concieved to run on a product made from the hemp plant. 
> Medical science is still debating the benifits of some properties in it's
> leaves.  And the government still just can't figure out how to tax it.  
> Yes... because of a little side effect from the burning leaves, this
> wonderous crop has been outlawed.  It can be the salvation in the 21st
> century.  Where soyabeans were the miracale crop of the 20-30- 40 and up
> through the 60's, hemp will again reemurage.  This time of course with
> proper regulation. 
> Can you imagine a world or even a government to dominated by the oil
> ecconomy? Why should we have to risk so many american lives to protect
> government stability for a buch of very wealthy sand jocky religious
> fanatics.
> You want to curb drug crime too??? another story. 
> Yes we have the power to clean the earth, save our precious resources,
> block oil  company and oil producing area blackmail. We even have the
> power to bust organized drug crime.  All from the agribusiness of hemp.
> Please note I said business not decriminilization of.  Pitty we do not
> have the political backbone to be practical. 
> Discussion welcome.  

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