Professional Forester - usenet?

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Fri Jan 10 09:14:34 EST 1997

Brian Simm wrote:

> I sympathize with you. There is little or no Forestry related traffic
> here. Or anywhere for the most park. I think we're all a bunch of
> introverts for the most pary.
> Brian

Then let's talk it up.

Who brought the beer?

There's plenty of things to talk about.

1. Why forestry has generally not been excepted by the world as a real
profession- which is why foresters keep having to say the idiotic term
"professional forester". Who ever heard a lawyer saying he was a
"professional lawyer"?

2. Why the forestry bureaucrats don't have a clue (my favorite pet

3. Why so many "mud on their boots" type foresters feel that
environmentalists are aliens from another planet. I don't feel that way.
I have plenty of mud on my boots and I also consider myself an
environmentalist too. Not every big tree is "overmature".

4. Why forestry jobs have been so scarce the past 20 years. Don't blame
the environmentalists- blame past land raping loggers who scared many
landowners from doing forestry- at least in New England.

5. Lets talk about forester licensing- just now happening in
Massachusetts- where in the world are foresters licensed? The licensing
program in Mass. is "brain dead" from the start. I could go on and on
about this subject.

6. How can forestry tools be improved? I'm getting tired of tree marking
paint getting on me. Let's develop something more modern like "laser
guns" or whatever.

7. Lets talk about this issue of insurance- most foresters I know don't
have any if they're consultants-

8. The use of computers in forestry. Most foresters I know are computer
illiterate. What are they good for?

9. Lets talk about forestry education. My 4 year degree in forestry did
not prepare me for the real world- even though I had good grades. I'm
tired of the excuse by the teachers that they training you to think- not
work. We don't get paid to think, we get paid to work. Maybe the
teachers just don't know anything.

10. What's the future of forestry with more land going under

I could go on all day. I don't expect anyone to agree with me- nobody
ever does. <G> But this is a great forum to discuss these issues for
those of us with better things to do than drive 100 miles or more to
attend a Society of American Foresters conference to listen to people
who don't have a clue.

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