Professional Forester - usenet?

Jan Armann armann at
Sat Jan 11 10:49:23 EST 1997

On 7 Jan 1997 13:31:41 GMT, "Robert Owens" <owensb at>

>Hi all,
>I have been subscribed to this news group for about six weeks and there is
>almost no traffic. What other news groups would the few people who see this
>recommend for a professional forester to monitor.
>Bob O.

I agree with you. There isn't much of interest for me either in this
group. Brian answered you and mentioned a certain Forestry homepage. I
looked it up and gave a small contribution to the list about "Who I
am". But this forum wasn't intended for pure discussions. You might
find people there to whom you can mail privately.

Of course practical forestry is different in different parts of the
world but many hands-on-problems ought to be the same. I am living and
working (Well, I am retired.) in northern Sweden. Maybe we ought to
start a newsgroup of our own or at least a thread within this group. I
suggest the threadname: Forestry in praxis. Who will start the thread
an bring the beer?

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