Professional Forester - usenet?

Don Staples dstaples at
Sun Jan 12 16:52:51 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Hi Alan and Doug-
> Well, now we're up to (including Don)- I better order another keg.
> Nobody's allowed to join the party who doesn't have mud on his boots and
> spots of paint all over his clothes. Otherwise all nationalities and
> sexes welcome. Err.... but then again there aren't any women foresters
> are there? I know a few but they don't pass the first qualification for
> the party. But.. maybe we can skip that rule for the women. <G>

Damn, bubba, don't talk that way, my favorite forester (you listening Mary Kay?) in my 
locale is a lady, female, and state forester.

And my data base is getting bigger, the conversation needs to continue, guys and girls, 
you dont have to be a consultant, but you may not like some of what we have to say as 
consultants.  But then, I have never met two foresters that could agree on everything to 
start with.

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