Question for the group.

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Jan 12 23:26:02 EST 1997

Don Staples wrote:

> What has been your relations with the state/government foresters in your
> area?

Don't get me going on THAT subject. <G>

> I'll give a personal example.  I had a state forester in my area that
> would bad mouth consultants as "fly by night" (yeh right, after 25 years)
> and would refer clients to the tender mercies of the company procurement
> program, for a finders fee that went to his wife.  There were several
> occaisions when state crews performed private jobs, and no one knew where
> the money went, and nicely covered by the forester.  As luck would have
> it he was promoted out of the area.

Here in Massachusetts I've cultivated a reputation as a guy who will not
tolerate something like that or all hell will break lose.

> Company foresters, on the payroll, compeat with us as well, but who do
> they represent on a sale, the land owner or the company?  I have never
> seen the company guy lose his job over private work, could it be for the
> timber produced?  State boys have been fired, but not often enough.

Same problems.

Now that Massachusetts is moving towards forester licensing- one would
think that such conflict of interest might be preventable- but no.... at
a recent meeting of foresters in the area, it was explained to us that
the licensing only means that licensed foresters can call themselves
foresters- it says nothing about restricting the sort of work that only
a licensed forester may do and nothing about what those "non foresters"
may not do. Only a state government could be so stupid.

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