Foresters (private, sole props, consultants) unite!

Michael Hagen mhagen at
Tue Jan 14 11:42:59 EST 1997

It looks like there are a few of us out here after all.  To return to
the original point, it seems that foresters are present, we just had
better things to do than go on when all the agro forestry folks were
getting their business done.  After all, its their group. 
	I would certainly take part in a forester's discussion group, if there
was one.  I've seen that fire listserv.  It does discuss forest fires
when they are in the news but is mostly emergency response workers
talking shop.  There are riparian/wetland/bufferzone groups which
coincidentlly include forestry aspects to their rather narrow :) field
(sorry).  As for the question of competition from state or federal
foresters, yes it exists. It may be that a. there are too few private
foresters to do much about it, b. we're always out in the woods or c. 
our well known aversion to communication makes upsetting the status quo
seem less worthwhile than doing what we like to do.,ie. hang around with
trees. There is a "d." Due to downsizing an awful lot of "them" are "us"
	Back when I was an industrial forester, there was a standard response
to the yearly request for a raise:  What more do you want? For you every
day's a picnic in the woods!  
	Have at it!

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