Professional Forester - usenet?

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Wed Jan 15 07:11:59 EST 1997

Geary N. Searfoss wrote:

> If you're curious as to what I do or wish to download a copy of "Forest
> Owner's Guide to the Federal Income Tax", visit my site at

Interesting. Few foresters know anything about accounting and visa
versa. I majored in accounting for a year- but it was too stimulating
for me- and I didn't need anymore excitement back then in the '60's, so
I changed to forestry- a less stimulating study. <G>

I will add a link to your page in my upcomming Pulitzer prize winning
web page on forestry.

If you were not so far from Mass. I'd ask you to give a talk to the
Mass. Assoc. of Professional Foresters. The group is always looking for

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