Professional Forester - usenet?

Ken Waghorne waghorne at
Tue Jan 14 20:40:29 EST 1997

On Mon, 13 Jan 1997 21:56:02 -0500, Brian Simm <b_simm at>

>Joseph Zorzin wrote:
>> Hi Alan and Doug-
>> Well, now we're up to (including Don)- I better order another keg.
>> Nobody's allowed to join the party who doesn't have mud on his boots and
>> spots of paint all over his clothes. Otherwise all nationalities and
>> sexes welcome. Err.... but then again there aren't any women foresters
>> are there? I know a few but they don't pass the first qualification for
>> the party. But.. maybe we can skip that rule for the women. <G>
>Hi Joe: Re: your comments about women being foresters. I have been in the 
>profession for over 35 years and have met and worked with many women 
>foresters who I would say were every bit as well qualified if not more so 
>than many men. I think we should all give them more credit. They may not 
>be beer drinking Red Necks like some of us pretend to be but they are 
>excellent , hard working and dedicated foresters.
Wait a second there!  From what I remember from forestry school,
several of the female students pretended to be beer drinking rednecks
along with the rest of us!!

BTW, it is nice to see that this group contains some people that
actually stayed in forestry.  I long ago shifted over to the field
that terrified many of my fellow classmates, forest economics!


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